About Ryan Johnston

Ryan Johnston - Fly Fishing Guide In a whirlwind of fish and water, the world of fly fishing hooked me when I was just twelve years old. Since then, I've taken every chance to travel the world, fly rod in-hand. Most of my fly fishing life has been spent chasing wild trout all over the western United States, to famous trout waters across California, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico. There is something truly magical in throwing a dry fly to a rising rainbow and stripping streamers for big browns and jaw-dropping runs of steelhead.

But this crazy fish passion of mine stretches beyond the trout of the west. I've also been caught casting to bright chrome steelhead in Oregon, blitzing Dorado in Mexico, tailing Bonefish around the Yucatan and Redfish in Texas, and chasing the spunky Bonita in San Diego Bay.

UC Davis brought me to Northern California in 2001. I thought I had made a responsible decision, giving up the prestigious fly fishing of the Universities of Montana and Colorado for a serious college education at UCD. Ha! Little did I know that the location of UC Davis in Northern California is near some of the best wild trout fishing in Northern California.

During my "B.S." years, it seemed I spent just as much time studying trout behavior on the rivers as I did in the classroom. And despite the unrelenting call of the fish, I managed to earn a degree in Business & Management and land a beautiful, passionate, fly-fishing wife. I guess you could say Northern Califoria's been good to me. Then, in 2006, in pursuit of more fish and an ever higher education, we came to Chico, California. I worked part-time to earn a Masters degree in Business Administration while continuing to guide. We couldn’t help falling in love with the town, so in 2009, we made it our home – by buying one!

Chico isn’t our only home, though. In 2007, I started guiding the South Fork of the Snake River for The Lodge at Palisades Creek in Idaho. Since then, Bonnie and I have headed out there every summer for this dream-come-true adventure. Talk about some astonishing fishing! Think about a trip to Idaho this summer; a phenomenal area for fly fishing, boating, fly fishing, beautiful landscapes, fly fishing, relaxation, fly fishing, family time, fly fishing, hiking...oh, and did I say fly fishing?!

Guiding isn't just a job. When you love fishing as much as I do, it's an art and a passion and a life all wrapped up. There's nothing better than seeing a client's face light up as his or her line tightens. Guiding’s been good to me. So good that I wanted to find a way to share this gift with others by giving it away. So in 2008, my wife and I started Cast Hope, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which aims to positively impact the Northern California community through the donation of guided fly fishing trips on Putah Creek, Sacramento, Feather, Yuba, and Trinity Rivers. Through each guided fly fishing trip it is our mission to foster and deepen relationships; refresh hearts, minds, and souls; create long-lasting, joyful memories; and provide opportunities for learning, loving, and reaching out. Check out the website and video online at www.casthope.org, and let us know how you’d like to get involved with blessing the community with fly fishing!

Over the years my clients and I have caught some great fish, but even better than that, we've made some great memories. I want to thank you all for making my guiding career so enjoyable and filling my storybook with countless fish tales. I'm looking forward to seeing you back on the water soon!

Tight Lines,
Ryan Johnston

"Some go to church and think about fishing, others go fishing and think about God."
Tony Blake